About Us

The CRHN brings together Canadian and international researchers, trainees, and knowledge users to actively support the development and dissemination of research to address health inequities for patients, providers, organizations, and health care systems.

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Vision and Goals


To be a nationally and internationally recognized research centre that fosters new ways of understanding and addressing health inequities and social injustices in Canada and the world.


  • To bring together researchers, trainees, graduate students, clinicians, and the public to engage and collaborate in interdisciplinary research.   
  • To build research capacity of researchers, trainees, graduate students, and clinicians.
  • To promote knowledge mobilization of research methodologies, theories, and findings.
  • To explore patient and provider perspectives and experiences of health and nursing care.
  • To foster critical discourse in nursing and health research.

From Our Directors

We are excited and honoured to be in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association, the national voice of nursing. Through the Center for Research on Health and Nursing, we will bring together Canadian and international researchers, trainees, and knowledge users to engage in research for health equity in Canada and around the world.

— Wendy Gifford, Co-Director, CRHN and Wendy Peterson, Associate Director, CRHN

As we strive continually to strengthen the rigour of our policy work, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is excited to have the opportunity to work in partnership with the University of Ottawa Centre for Research on Health and Nursing. We look forward to the coming years of collaboration on work to support our shared aims of better health, better care and better value bolstered by an informed nursing workforce.

— Michael Villeneuve, Co-Director, CRHN